Free Website Audit

Why you need a website audit

These days, having a website for your business is crucial in gaining an online presence. But what happens when you have a website but it’s not delivering the results or exposure you wanted?

You may ask yourself:

“Why am I not getting enough traffic to my website?”

“Was the website not built correctly?”

“Is the website outdated?”

Dental SEM offer a FREE website health check to show you the current state of your website. It’s so simple, please use the form above, fill in your details, then wait for the email with your results. It is a good first step in figuring out what issues your website may have.

What We Do

Initial changes for faster web results

Give us a call so that we can then look further into any issues the website may have.

Some of the initial area’s that we look into straight away include:

  • Page speed – how fast do your pages load?
  • Broken links and server errors – these errors are frustrating to user and can deter them.
  • Keyword usage and relevance – is the right audience being targeted?
  • Quality of content – are you giving out the information the user wants?
  • Geo-location of pages – are we targeting the right location?

Depending on the size of the site, just fixing these initial issues can have a major impact on your overall search rankings.

Grow Your Dental Practice Online

What Dental SEM can offer you

Full Marketing Package

A new dental website or SEO will not help your practice reach it's full potential. Our capabilities include websites for dentists, dental SEO, Google Adwords, internal marketing and email marketing.

Proven ROI

The return on investment (ROI) is the ultimate measure of success. We help build your business and get you an ROI from your website and marketing. Our clients can tell you about their successes.

Guaranteed Exclusivity

We only work with one dental practice per area, giving you our full attention. It would be unfair and unethical to work on another practice’s SEO if they are close by.

Support Anytime

We don’t operate a Monday to Friday, 9 – 5pm schedule; we know how busy you get with patients, which is why we’re available to you whenever you need us. Call, email, Skype us anytime.